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Slow Magic // 28 February 2015

March 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

By Louven Reyes and Charles Ton


Slow Magic likes to refer to himself as our “unknown imaginary friend.” In a recent interview of Slow Magic by the Huffington Post, Slow Magic expresses that when he started this project, he wanted it to be “separate from a place, face, or identity.” In this competitive age of countless talented music producers, it’s tough to differentiate yourself as an artist without something that sets you apart. However, it’s apparent that our “imaginary friend” has surpassed that boundary through his stellar performance of ambient vocals, cosmic synths, and an absolute barrage of bucket-banging hands, all while donning his infinitely neon-lit tribal wolf mask.  Slow Magic just speaks originality and unmatched uniqueness.


His genre encapsulates glimpses of varying sounds from tribal influences, glitchy echoing vocals, and most notably chillwave. Ambient, subtle, and melodic vibes all play into Slow Magic’s style. The performer juxtaposes soft recurring vocals and energetic synth rhythms with rapid drum successions.  You’ll find that his tracks can be slow then drawn out with a beat while encompassing sweet, yet indistinguishable vocalizations. This is what makes his sound so unique and universal. It crosses the barrier of language and encourages anyone to just smile and be immersed in his uplifting melodies.


 If I had to put a finger on how his music makes me feel, it isn’t unlike hearing the sound of soft waves kissing the shoreline, or listening to a swift breeze rustling leaves through the high tree line, peaceful yet invigorating.  Excuse my obscure analogies.  To be explicit, vibe out to some Slow Magic if you’re craving auditory bliss.

On this particular night, the Constellation Room was brimming with fans eager to bask in the chill-waves of our anonymous friend.  It was a shoulder-to-shoulder experience almost like a box stuffed full of crayons.  The room was dark and hardly stirring until the crowd began to gyrate in a constant fluid motion as Slow Magic illuminated the floor. 


The glowing performer swept fans off their feet as he put out notable tunes such as “Corvette Cassette,” “Girls,” and “Feel Flows.”  His uplifting, smooth melodies did not stop listeners from dancing gleefully even though there was barely room to move about.  They were reeling in the trance-like spells.  I glanced to my right and a couple of devoted fans wore vibrant light-up masks similar to the performer himself; it was an admirable sight to see others spreading the vibrant Slow Magic aura around.  


His mystical aura wasn’t restricted just to those devotees but everyone was sharing the feels.  When the masked man performed his synth heavy and drum enriched track “Hold Still,” his swift snaps on the snare compelled the audience to follow suit with their hands in the air to the drops in the melody.  Then, a light piano solo broke the intensity of the song until the performer was back at knocking his drum to the dominant rhythm.  Waves of people seemed to move in sync.  The Constellation Room peaked and waned rhythmically until our friend disappeared into darkness.


The experience can hardly compare to the off-the-wall energy and sound many EDM fans are accustomed to these days with trance, house, and dubstep.  However, Slow Magic does not skimp out on compelling energy and bliss inducing music.  There was no holding still in that jam-packed room.  


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damn that legit, I am surprised you did not use more of your photos
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